Cool Links!

Rainbow Destroyer
So-cal musical collective that started it all.

My favorite collaborator! Catchy tunes here, to be sure.

Magical Mistakes
Electronic music genius from LA, now living in Japan. Very inspiring.

Check out these amazing songs!

People People
Music for the masses (by the masses).

Jon Jeweler
Art and Eggland

Roxy Cruz
Wow! Great photos!

Titouan Bordeau
French artist/animator dude I met in Nepal.


Goomy at BOOM BAP

Goomy at the black cat

Goomy at the waypost

Singing songs with Poppet

And then an angel came...

Goomy at the Glasshouse in Pomona

Portland glitter-dome basement show

Super fun show with Poppet at a bike shop in Davis


Goomy in Nepal

Rockin out at a house party